Sunday, November 27, 2005

Elusive Bambi

Spent about 16 hours in the woods in the last couple of days, courtesy of family members. Very nice location, outstanding "cabin" with 3 bedrooms, fireplace, indoor plumbing--

No 16-point buck. No 300-lb. doe. Did not SEE a moving deer, despite outstanding work by my PH and son-in-law. He saw two, no good shot available. His dad saw two, took a shot with no effect.

There's a great deal to see and hear in the woods, however, so all in all it was a very pleasant weekend with excellent company, good food, and a satisfying Wisconsin football game.

There's also a reason to return: a very fat gray squirrel who was able to evade the stewpot despite his 15-yard distance in the back yard. The pellet gun goes with me next time.


Dad29 said...

Actually, I have a couple of squirrels out here, about a dozen mourning doves, a raccoon or two, and a few deer.

There's also at least one fox and one coyote that I've seen around the area.

Chipmunks are NOT welcome, nor skunks.

If you note, the squirrel who is scheduled for execution is in the yard of the hunting lodge--about 200 miles from my home.

Dad29 said...

Nope. We were 3/4ths of a mile from the yard in which the squirrel was munching. The deer were not moving in typical patterns, which is why my PH/son-in-law (and I) were not able to find any.

As to possums--none have been spotted nearby; I'm of mixed mind on them, since they cannot get to the garbage cans and raise hell.

Skunk smell never bothered me until it was present every night after 9 PM here--the area was crawling with them.

That was two summers ago, when I killed four of them. None returned this past summer.

Mission accomplished!