Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sorry, Jim: SCHOOLS "Complicate" Sex Ed

Columnist Jim Stingl, nattering away between indecision and possible indecision, gets the wrong headline on his article:

Only Madison lawmakers could make sex ed so complicated

...and proceeds to tell us all about some linguistic disagreement in Madistan to wit: whether abstinence is "preferred" or merely a "first method" of contraception.

He ignores the fact that SexEd, promoted by the Planned Barrenhood crowd of eugenics-worshippers and abortion/Pill profiteers, is NOT REQUIRED COURSEWORK in the public schools.

Of course, the public schools who are union-run (which are virtually all of the 425+ Wisconsin districts), installed SexEd because they "can save the children" AND (by no co-incidence) create more jobs for WEAC membership.

So it's the School Districts which make SexEd complicated, Jim.

On the other hand, you're right about aspirin.

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