Friday, November 11, 2005

Another Warning to the Pubbies

Here's a two-fisted excerpt which sums it up nicely:

What killed the first Bush presidency and is ruining the second is the abandonment of Reaganism and embrace of the twin heresies of neoconservatism and Big Government Conservatism, as preached by the ideologues at the Weekly Standard and the Wall Street Journal.

Under Bush I, taxes were raised, funding for HUD and Education exploded, and a quota bill was signed under which small businesses, accused of race discrimination, were made to prove their innocence or be punished, in true Soviet fashion.

Under Bush II, social spending has exploded to levels LBJ might envy, foreign aid has been doubled, pork-at-every-meal has become the GOP diet of choice, surpluses have vanished and the deficit is soaring back toward 5 percent of GDP. Bill Clinton is starting to look like Barry Goldwater.

Both Bushes abandoned the economic patriotism that had put America and Americans first – for free-trade globalism. Result: the most massive trade deficits in U.S. history, the gutting of our industrial base, the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs and the largest wealth transfer of all time, with technology, factories and high-tech and high-skilled jobs pouring out of America into Asia.

Working America and the middle class have been sacrificed on the high altar of this Moloch of Republican Free Trade.

And how have our Chinese brethren reciprocated our magnanimity?

Both Bushes embraced the "open borders" immigration policy the Wall Street Journal has trumpeted for two decades. Result: We have 10 million to 15 million illegal aliens in our country, among whom gangs like the murderous Mara Salvatrucha are proliferating. Native-born Californian taxpayers are fleeing the Golden State, as Third World tax consumers pour in.

Those indictments are factual and are supported by the evidence. One needs only observe Pig-Of-The-Century Sen. Stevens (R-Alaska) and his enablers in the Republican congress, or our sorry excuse for a Treasury Secretary (Snow) begging the Chinese and Indian nations to 'make nice' and rev up their consumer spending, presumably with US bank-issued MasterCards.


Anonymous said...

I agree the Republicans are in trouble. They have focused on God, gays and guns while abandoning fiscal conservative principles and any key centrist issue that could broaden their support. RR did far better. One of his great achievements was the investment tax credit which stimulated investment in our factories and small businesses. RR was able to reach independents with his charm and midwestern values. The GOP is in deep trouble.


Anonymous said...

A most excellent point. Three things can topple the Republicans from power: 1) horrible developments in Iraq (only if far worse than what's happening now); 2) backlash if SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade; or 3) what I would term the "don't tax, but still spend Republicans." Ted Stevens is a disgrace to his party and the very poster child for what can be wrong with some Republicans. I don't mind having a lower federal income tax bill, but not if my children are going to have to pay for Ted Stevens' bridge to nowhere.