Sunday, November 20, 2005

UW-EauClaire's History of "Oppression"

UW-EauClaire firmly stomped on student rights by forbidding a Resident Assistant from conducting Bible studies anyplace on the campus. So much for the First Amendment and all that claptrap Constitutional stuff.

But UWEC has a little history on "Oppression" which is interesting:

Since its original development in the mid-1990s, the Tunnel of Oppression has become a nationally recognized program offered at a number of college campuses including The Ohio State University, the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, and The University of Nevada Las Vegas. Some campuses use it as an element of diversity training within the residence halls while others have fully incorporated the idea into their campus programming efforts. Campuses have implemented the program in various ways, incorporated various themes, and have realized varying levels of success. Following the interactive portion of the Tunnel, many campuses offer students an outlet for processing the activity including panel discussions with faculty and staff members.

....As part of the program, participants are led through museum style series of connected rooms which each ask the participants to experience various forms of oppression. Participants are challenged to consider how oppression and the advantages incurred have an effect on them, as well as the individuals and groups around them.
This year's themes are:

(1) Tools of Oppression
(2) Women's Issues
(3) Racial Oppression
(4) LGBT Issues
(5) Religious Oppression **this room is pending***.

Now we understand. The UWEC Chancellor has not yet participated in the Religious Oppression Tunnel-Game--therefore, he does not understand.

Frankly, I thought Chancellors were supposed to be relatively intelligent.

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Fidei Defensor said...


go to

go down about half way to see how a campus can be more "trans-inclusive."

Make sure you are sitting down.

Fidei Defensor said...

sorry didn't give the whole site,

copy paste that into the toolbar

Fidei Defensor said...

gosh darn it, for soem reason that won't work. Copy paste the link into the toolbar then add .htm to the end of it then hit enter for such great pieces of advice as

"Create gender-neutral restrooms (single-stall, lockable unisex bathrooms) when all buildings, including residence halls, are renovated."

"Sponsor transgender speakers, performers, and other programs."

etc. As you can see no opresion here!

Bernard Brandt said...

Fascinating, Captain.

Let's see: we can be "inclusive" to various "cutups" of either gender.

But we can't be "inclusive" to people who wish to study a theology which has existed for two thousand years, and which has a theological heritage of an additional two thousand years or so years.

And this in a "university" which is supposed to sponsor "free inquiry".

Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this picture?