Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sensenbrenner: Against ANWR?

We just report some stuff here, given by a Wisconsin resident and true-blue Pubbie, on Jim Sensenbrenner:

Briefly, these a few of his arguments:

1. According to US REP Sensenbrenner: There is not enough refining capacity to accommodate any oil from ANWR. Of course it will take 10 years to put a well into production up there, and refineries will be built and expanded in the mean time. Even Sensenbrenner conceded that they have streamlined the permitting process, but that Bill was passed just 3 months ago.

2. Sensenbrenner said that all of the ANWR oil would be sold to Japan because of limited refining capacity in this country. (Bogus argument -- see above.)

3. Sensenbrenner claims that this current Bill and his objection had nothing to do with natural gas drilling on the east and west coasts, although current news reports say the opposite.

4. Sensenbrenner said that even if ANWR were drilled, they couldn't get the oil to Wisconsin because there is no pipeline across the Rocky Mountains. On the other hand, he conceded that the Canadians are going to build one, but it is not in place yet. (I say, so what? What is to prevent us from shipping the oil to our west coast to ease shortages. Wisconsin does not have to benefit directly.)

Taken from FreeRepublic (scroll down a bit to "Afraid for the Republic"'s comments.

Sensenbrenner was also quoted as objecting to the ANWR provision being included in a Budget Reconciliation bill, a position with which I agree.

Jim's an ACU-rating star, but this testimony puts his common sense into question. I'd sure like to hear his arguments again, and debate the issue with him.

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