Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pubbies Against Free Enterprise--Chapter II

So in a brief conversation, one of the Pubbies who voted to squash free enterprise (see below post) kinda wanted to wiggle out of this with the old "well, it won't make much difference because after all the micro-breweries don't have to comply with the requirements until they grow a whole lot, and yadayadayadayada...."


In other words, the Pubbie position on the legislation is "We don't care HOW much it costs YOU, the consumer, to have these redundant-warehouse laws, and we thought you'd kinda not really notice how much cost the State can jam into you because, after all, you just don't understand all this technical stuff, you moronic damn fool voter......"

Let's make it plain: the State of Wisconsin is protecting existing alcohol distributors, and the Republicans actively promote this stuff. Just like the "minimum markup" law which the Pubbies will not rescind. Just like the "automatic tax increase (bend over while the Legislature hides the weenie)" law.

There are NO excuses for this. But there IS a reason: a certain Congressional race in Green Bay. Money. Donations.

Gehr Ste'h??

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