Friday, November 04, 2005

The CIA, Again, Deciding What We Should Know

From the American Spectator blog:

Now, Liang and Xiangsui [high-ranking PRC bureaucrats] have written another book entitled, "The New Warring States Era," which, I'm told, is a lot more than an academic exercise. Yet the CIA - which usually interprets such for the government - is refusing to do so. Why? One prominent China hand told me CIA is refusing because the book refutes much of their theory on how American relations with China should be conducted.

There's the CIA view (think Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson) and then there's the reality. Most likely the CIA view lines up neatly with the view of the powdered princes/princessettes at State.

Then there's the reality: the economic evisceration of the USA. Who says all wars have to start with gunfire?

UPDATE: This gets worse. The Washington Post printed a story about "covert" prisons used by the US to house high-value AlQuaeda targets--subjecting our allies to new problems. The story was obtained from an internal CIA source, who is obviously not worried about "covert" actions being revealed worldwide. HT: PowerLine

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