Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gas Tax Progress, Perhaps

Here in Wisconsin, due to the abject lack of ethics and (frankly) greed of most of the Legislature and in the Governor's office for the past 25 years, we have a tax which increases annually--but on which our paid "representatives" NEVER vote. The tax funds highway projects, and the AGC and the highway builders (Payne & Dolan and Mathy, e.g.) send lots of money to our "representatives" for re-election campaigns.

In effect, our "representatives" actually represent the highway builders. I cannot possibly put into the blog what I think of these cretins, nor how I think they should be treated by the residents of Wisconsin.

Nonetheless, after several appeals to Sen. Kanavas, reminding him that he stated his opposition to the indexing of the tax, he has finally written to advise that he will support Sen. Reynolds' bill when (and if) it ever comes out of Committee.

We all know that Rep. Jensen is flat-out opposed to repeal of this tax-increase device--Scott was trained well by Tommy Thompson (Scott can distinguish butter and which side of the bread it's on--and knows full well that his seat is virtually a lifetime sinecure.) Worse, Rep. Gard, now slavishly pushing his nose up the anal crevasses of campaign contributors, will fight like Hell to keep this bill off the floor in the Assembly, and will assume that it will make no difference to his constituents or any other Wisconsin resident.

Gard will be wrong in that assumption, just as Jensen is wrong in his.


Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for a plan that does not promise the roadbuilders a huge pot of money. Walker's plan is to give $300 million that is currently going to schools to the roadbuilders. If Walker was not tied to big money roadbuilders, he would give this money back to the taxpayers NOW!!


Dad29 said...

Not so fast, Anony.

Walker proposes to replace the money that BagManJim Doyle STOLE from the transportation fund.

Moreover, the Transportation Fund money was put there by taxpayers, specifically to fund transportation, like highways, mass transit, etc.

It's entirely possible that the Fund has too much money, but that can be settled later.

First thing: stop the Taxation Without Representation.

Tea party to follow at Joint Finance sometime in December!!