Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Pig From Alaska

If you think that Bridge to Nowhere is disgusting and the principal sponsor, Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Pig) is a despicable jackass (could I be more clear?) then hold on to your hat--it gets worse!

After Katrina, Congress re-arranged Medicaid formulas to increase payments to Louisiana. Not to be outdone in pure piggery, Stevens and his junior pig-ette (Sen. Murkowski, R-Pig In Training) added a provision to a Medicaid bill which would also increase Medicaid payments to Alaska!

Per Mike Franc at Human Events:

........[s]o, atop the half billion in gas tax revenues that will be spent on those two bridges, add another $130 million in Medicaid dollars that would again isolate Alaska.

Alaskan residents, who shoulder a notoriously light tax burden (no income or sales tax, for example), recently received their shares of the $510 million from Alaska’s Permanent Fund. The fund manages $31 billion in revenues derived from oil production on the North Slope and sends dividend checks annually to each Alaskan resident. This year’s dividend was a cool $845.76.

Who the Hell do these jerks think they are?

Little wonder, then, that the Anchorage Daily News recently lamented: “The message much of the rest of the country is getting about Alaska is one of gluttony at the federal trough.”

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