Monday, November 28, 2005

Calling Fr. Mich

Perhaps there's a place Fr. Mich should visit, as reported by Dom Bet:

Last week, Fr. Cuenin was in Rochester, New York, along with Fr. Bob Bowers, another infamous Boston priest, visiting Spiritus Christi Parish. Don’t be fooled: Spiritus Christi is not a Roman Catholic parish, but is a schismatic group that broke away from the Church after the Bishop of Rochester told them that they couldn’t have a woman con-celebrating the Mass (among other heresies). This is the home of the infamous Fr. Jim Callan, excommunicated, and his “co-pastor” “Rev.” Mary Ramerman. Oops sorry, their bulletin says that Jesus Christ is the pastor.

Here's what the "Spiritus Christi" "parish" bulletin had to say:

Both priests were recently removed from their parishes amid a huge uproar and protest by the people, similar to what happened at Corpus Christi seven years ago. We wanted them to experience our church and see what can happen years later if they form a new and inclusive Catholic church. Many parishioners encouraged them to start such a community. Boston is ripe for it. Please keep them in your prayers.

Dom Bet notes:

Cuenin and Bowers were in Rochester visiting a schismatic group, apparently being encouraged to set up their own schismatic pseudo-Catholic church in Boston. What other reason could they have for visiting a schismatic, heretical group? Are they working on reconciliation with the Church? Doesn’t sound like it.

This is what happens when you don’t publicly denounce the heretics in your midst, especially among your priests: You set yourself up for scandal and schism that could take down unwary and unwitting lay Catholics with the perpetrators.

Truer words were ne'er spoken, Dom!

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Neo-Con Tastic said...

I too have seen the atrocity. During my kolledge yeeers, I had to walk to our "Catholic Church" located near campus because my vehicle refused to take me to my usual mass. I walked in and knelt down where I was interrupted by the priest prompting any new visitors to stand up and introduce themselves. Insert loooooooong silence here. He finally got the hint and went on to mass.

Moments into "mass," I noticed a women saying the mass with him. At that point, I think I blacked-out from the complete shock. A lot of noises (shifting pews, groans, etc) came from my general area and the priest went on to explaining to the new visitors that Rem. Weakland gave the okay to co-celebrate.

Yea, I left never to come back again. Funny part is, that occurence happened shortly after Weakland barred the Tridentine from the Cousins Center claiming unworthiness. Go figure.