Sunday, February 14, 2021

Another 'Usual Suspect': Erica Ness

In a run-up to this summer's "activities" during Kyle's trial........

...Protesters gathered outside the Kenosha County courthouse on Friday, calling for the removal of the judge in Kyle Rittenhouse's case....

 ..."(Judge Bruce) Schroeder needs to be removed. He needs to step down as a judge because that's despicable," said Erica Ness, head of Leaders of Kenosha. "Kyle needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and we need real change."...

Ness is a graduate of Marquette University who has been a 'social justice advocate' rabble-rouser for years.   (Apparently Marquette no longer insists that its graduates understand logic, by the way.  "Prosecution" of Kyle is not congruent with "bail conditions."  But perhaps that's too advanced for an 'honors' grad.)

Ness worked for Gwen Moore, the DPW, and "WISDOM"--an Alinsky bunch--before launching her current activity "Leaders of Kenosha" which does not actually include Kenosha leaders in the usual sense of the term.  Actually, it looks like Erica and three other rabble-rousers.

Be interesting to read that outfit's 990, no?  Except, gee whillikers, there IS no 990 filing at IRS (which is updated through 1 year ago.) 

Funding will remain a mystery--for a while.

One hopes that the Kenosha cop-shop has re-stocked its tear gas and flash-bang warehouse. 

Is it just co-incidence that Kenosha's Chief of Police is getting the Hell out of Dodge in April?

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