Sunday, February 14, 2021

Tammy's Tub-Thump Is Actually About Tiffany Henry

Baldwin is NOT talking about her staff director in Milwaukee.  Or is she?

...Baldwin said the House impeachment managers showed that Trump "incited a violent insurrection to upset the will of the people of this country and steal the election based on a big lie. And secondly, once the foreseeable violence occurred, he did nothing to stop it despite pleas of help." ...

Sure, honey.  Kinda reminds you of your gal Tiffany Henry, no?  

Can't remember?  Let me help you!!

...An elected state representative, David Bowen, and the Milwaukee office director for U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin, Tiffany Henry, were at the scene as the assaults unfolded, the police reports allege (Bowen, Baldwin, and Henry did not return requests for comment.)...

 ...Police reports describe the chaos. Vehicles were “driving at a high rate of speed through the neighborhood and all over the roads.” The “’protesters’ were yelling and screaming from the vehicles and beeping their horns continuously causing a loud disturbance.” They cursed things like “Fck 12” and “Fck the police.” A neighbor said he heard a gunshot and the group chanting phrases such as “murderer” and “fck ‘em, fck ‘em all.”

There's even a 'Sicknik Moment' here!

....a black male, holding a megaphone, struck Mensah in the head with the megaphone so hard that it broke the megaphone...

Baldwin is a third-rate back-bench hypocrite who sounds MUCH smarter when her mouth is shut.


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