Friday, February 19, 2021

Did You Know???

The Brit "Lancet" tells us New Facts!!

...Abortion, reparations, and affirmative action aren't up for debate, the report implies: To oppose them is to oppose science itself. Since opposing science is irrational, anyone against progressivism must be motivated by some sort of prejudice—hence the report's insinuation that the pro-life movement is xenophobic. 

The authors define "neoliberalism," "militarism," "racism," and "isolationism" as threats to global health...

Bet you never knew that reparations, affirmative action, isolationism, and militarism are THREATS TO THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND MUST BE STOMPED!!

And opposing baby-killing is ALSO a threat to public health so opposers are obviously RRAAAAAAAAAYCISSSSSSS and anti-science, yadda yadda.

Who knew??

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