Saturday, February 20, 2021

"Civil Rights" Lawyer + Channel 6: Wrong Again!

Yesterday we observed that Channel 6 was relying on .....ahhh........questionable sources for its "news."

So they doubled down, this time over nothing at all.

He was never detained. Never handcuffed. Never charged. Still, Wauwatosa police say they "arrested" State Representative David Bowen (D-Milwaukee) last fall. Bowen says that never happened. Now, he and his lawyer are calling on police to apologize....

Bowen was part of a group which was raising Hell in a residential neighborhood after dark.  So the cops identified him and wrote him up.  

The write-up--in the real world--means absolutely nothing.  But the "civil rights" lawyer saw a chance for some TeeeeVeeee time, and Ted Perry's newsroom know.........

Here's the Tosa PD's statement in relevant part:

"When Wawautosa Police Department personnel issue a non-traffic citation or refer subjects to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office for a charging review, they are listed in the incident report as 'Arrested.'" 

The email indicates this status is "administrative and procedural," but "is not shared or reported to any other agency or organization which maintain arrest data unless the subject was physically arrested and processed" or "taken into custody."

IOW, Tosa uses 'arrested' to denote that a bad actor (Bowen) was part of an illegal gathering--which WAS announced--and he was referred to the D.A. 

That's all.

"Not shared or reported."

 That says it all--except to reporter-ettes looking for Stupid Stories.

By the way, the "civil rights" lawyer ought to know that citizens have "civil rights" to peace and quiet.

Not that she gives a flying damn.....

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