Monday, February 15, 2021

Biden* Gun Plans Threaten Your Family

While hijacking a sad anniversary for political purposes, Joe the Potato mumbled about 'gun control'.

There is a 1-year-old interview--not published until last week--in which he elaborated on his plans. 

The most serious threat to Americans is his attempt to strip gun manufacturers of protection against frivolous lawsuits.

But he also threatens your wife and children.

...I also dealt with the folks in Silicon Valley; we have the capacity now to build any weapon where it can only be fired with your biometric marker. And that technology doesn’t violate anyone’s Second Amendment right at all. If you pass the background check, you can purchase a weapon which only you can pull the trigger....

He's lying about the efficacy of biometric markers.  But lying is what politicians do, so let's go past that.

When the home invasion happens, you pull out your "biometrically protected" AR, chamber a round, and fire.  But you lose that firefight; the home invaders put a round through your head.


Since it's "biometrically protected" she can't use it, nor can the kids--except as a club.  You might have mounted a bayonet. I suppose.

Xiao Bai-Den doesn't give a flying fart about "what next," of course.  Your wife is raped or dead; same with your daughter.  But Biden* got his bill through and you were stupid enough to buy that gun.

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