Monday, February 15, 2021

Combox Wisdom

Since Ace of Spades blog is one of the few large-readership Conservative/Libertarian sites (and a good source of news), it attracts some sharp comments.

Here's one, apparently reacting to some Government self-back-patting bullroar:

"hard-fought" gains against the corona virus. Ha! What did these people do? They hid in their basements, while shutting down your businesses. They forbid you from practicing your religion, and threatened to arrest you if you gathered with your family. All the while, they never missed a paycheck, while having others do all their shopping and deliveries. Meanwhile, the virus does what it's going to do, irrespective of their mask and lockdown mandates.
"Hard-fought." F*** off.
Posted by: Wally at February 11, 2021 


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