Saturday, February 20, 2021

Has PJ Buchanan Joined the War-War Party?

Perhaps PJB has gone wack-doodle in his old age.

...Consider. If the 2,500 American troops remaining in Afghanistan are pulled out, the entire 10,000-troop NATO contingent departs.

This would write an end to the Western military commitment.

And the likelihood the Kabul government could then survive the constant and increasing attacks from the Taliban, as the latter now control half of the country and many roads leading to the capital, is slim....

Consider.  If the corrupt Afghan assholes who have sucked US money into their bank accounts for the last 20 years were actually Afghan patriots, the war would have ended about 19 years ago.

Also consider:  Russia is doing just fine, thankyouverymuch, having "lost" their war in Afghanistan.  (Granted, the same cannot be said for Alexander the Great, who also lost a war there.  He died.)

... if Biden does not breach the terms of the deal the Taliban and U.S. signed last year and keep our troops there, he would be inviting a repeat of Saigon ’75, with all that would mean for the Afghans who cast their lot with us....

Send more helicopters, PJ.  

By the way, invoking the memory of Viet Nam is not very smart of you; that war was fought in no small part to extend "market share" for Big Corporate such as G.E. and Allis-Chalmers into SE Asia.  Do you SERIOUSLY want to make the case that "American interests" are congruent with "market share"??

Further, Kennedy's assassination of Diem was--arguably--the very best way to encourage Ho Chi Minh to continue the war.

Pat, we spent a lot of time and money on you when you shoved New Hampshire up 'Globaloney' HW Bush's butt.  At the time, you understood American Interests very well.  

Have you forgotten them? 

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