Monday, February 15, 2021

Are the Bishops Just Dumb?

There are two different discussions on this topic, both making approximately the same points.

Now that the US Bishops have their preference--a Far-Left administration in power--they're falling for the rhetoric hook, line, and sinker.


About privately-operated prisons, for example, the Bishops say 'no' because...........raaaaaycisss!

 ...the bishops have clearly bought into the narrative, peddled incessantly by the secular Left, that the criminal justice system is a holdout from America’s racist past. Does anybody honestly believe that de-privatizing the prisons in which criminal sentences are served out will shift the racial composition of the citizens who receive such sentences?...

Good question.  The Bishops, or whoever wrote their blather, can't answer that.

The Bishops also swallowed, hook-line-sinker, the term 'racial equity.'

I do not think that word means what THEY think it means.

It means "forcing equality."  If there are minority families with less money than white families, then take away money from the whites and give it to the minorities until there is "equity."

If there are more black basketball players than white ones in the NBA, then take away the black ones until whites have "equity."

It's NOT the same as 'equality,' and the Bishops should stop repeating like dumb parrots the language of the BLM/Marxist Far Left.

I mean, we wouldn't want our Bishops to be political Lefties, would we?  That's not what Jesus would do.

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