Friday, February 19, 2021

Sheriff Severson Is Right. Channel 6 + Lawyer? Wrong.

This story is Fake News in screaming bold type.

The rabble-rousing lawyer Kimberley Motley--who represents Every Rotten Troublemaker In Eastern Wisconsin--managed to get the ear of some reporter for Channel 6 and that reporter attempted to embarrass Waukesha County's Sheriff.  (We have our suspicions about Motley's political affiliation, but it would not surprise me to find her on a list over here.  or over here.)

It did not go well for the reporter.

... It didn't take long for messages to start flooding Waukesha County Sheriff Eric Severson's phone and inbox.

"You know, I don’t know that I gave that a whole lot of thought in terms of what I expected," Severson said. "My role as the hiring authority is to make sure that I’m looking at evidence, and I’m looking at the investigation from a factual standpoint."...

Correct response!!  Facts and Evidence, not Emotions and Screeching.

Naturally, the slime-job included Brad Schimel.

One of the supportive messages came from former Wisconsin Attorney General and current Waukesha Circuit Court Judge Brad Schimel.

OMG!!  Call our the National Guard (if it's not busy preventing citizens from visiting the Capitol.)  Schimel told the truth:  he sent a friendly message to a friend.  Naturally, the Slime-Queen planted the idea that Schimel would 'take care' of Mensah in his courtroom.  Wrong, honey.  Question:  how does this crapola get into a "serious" news report?

Maybe we should ask Ted Perry, eh?  He knows the Lefty Playbook.

Then came the highly-political "report" from an old has-been US attorney.

..."I strongly believe that hiring this individual presents a huge risk of future liability to Waukesha Co.," one person wrote.

"Why take on that risk?" FOX6 reporter Amanda St. Hilaire asked Sheriff Severson.

"Well, first of all, you’re assuming that liability is elevated," Severson replied. "That a fact that you’re assuming that’s not in evidence. Every one of my police officers, every one of my deputy sheriffs goes out into the community and runs the risk of going to a call where somebody may threaten them with deadly force and they may have to respond with deadly force. That isn’t confined to any one law enforcement officer and anyone’s past history of coming into those kinds of situations isn’t predictive of future use of force. So to suggest that there is some kind of elevated liability, I don’t agree that there is."

"That’s the conclusion that the Wauwatosa report came to though, that there was too great of a risk that he’d be involved in a fourth shooting," St. Hilaire said.

"And I disagree with that completely," Severson said. "I don’t think that that’s a [sensible] conclusion. So I don’t know how to respond to something like that."

"I looked at the facts very carefully, I involved other people in the decision-making process, and I came to a different conclusion," Severson added. "And that’s my decision to make."...

It was.  And  you decided correctly.  I've lived in Waukesha County for several decades (less a brief time in Crime-County to the east of here.)  Severson gets my time.

As to Channel 6:  learn to discern which"sources" are worth your time and effort.

Motley is NOT one of them. 

Severson should consider higher office in Wisconsin.  Plain-spoken pushback (a Trump hallmark) is very refreshing contrasted to the mealy-mouthing twaddle spouted by others in the Legislature....

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