Friday, February 19, 2021

Eleven Million Illegals Here? RLY?

Fake News insists that there are only 11 million illegals in the US.  They get their number from Pew, which gets its numbers from Census and DHS, both notoriously reliable sources of information, right?


...In December 2003, [DHS] estimated between eight million and 12 million illegal aliens resided in the United States — and that 700,000 more enter each year and remain here. Nonetheless, a Pew Research column published in June 2019 stated that the number of illegals in the United States as of 2017 had declined to 10.5 million, constituting a “14% drop from the peak of 12.2 million in 2007.” 

DHS isn’t the only agency tasked with estimating the number of illegals in the United States. The U.S. Census Bureau is also involved, and the way these entities do their calculations is laughable....

The Pew numbers are........ahhh...........questionable.  Adding 700K/year for 13 years (until Trump) gives us NINE MILLION 'new' plus 8 million 'old'..........SEVENTEEN MILLION illegals.

Now we go to "new math" used by Gummint.

...the number of illegal aliens equals the total number of immigrants and aliens minus the number of immigrants and legal aliens. But since we don’t know the number of total immigrants because it includes an unknown number of illegal aliens, we’ll make a guess. The fancy name for this process is called the ‘Residual Method of Estimation.’”...

Shoulda used "Residual Method of Estimation" to get an A+ in functions/statistics class.  Damn!

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