Friday, February 26, 2021

Republicans "Not Voting" on Equality Act

Eleven Republicans did not vote on the Equality Act.  Had they voted "Nay," the vote would have been tied and Nancy would have to have forced at least one non-voting Democrat to walk the plank.

The eleven?

Cheney (surprise!), Kinzinger (surprise!), Young (AK), Zeldin (NY), Wittman (VA), Webster (FL), Stewart (UT), Stefanik (NY), Smucker (PA), Palazzo (MS), Nehls (TX), Meuser (PA), Green (TN), Granger (TX), Carter (TX), and Bucshon (IN).

"Vote-by-Proxy" was allowed on this bill, meaning that all of those Pubbies could have voted through the marvel of electronics from anywhere--even the potty.



susan said...

Stefanik?...well now, that one really IS a surprise. A bad one.

dfitzsim said...

I only found 2 republicans who did not vote. One from Colorado and one from Alaska. This was on the roll call government website. But it still leave 5 votes unaccounted for. Is there any other reason a person would not vote? Or that it wouldn't be recorded? 428 votes were cast, 2 did not vote, where's the other 5?

Dad29 said...

You'll notice that the link to the roll-call was in my post. Click on "The eleven?"

You can find 11 there if you look.

Anonymous said...

Good for them. Smart decision on their part.