Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Politifart "Facts"? Maybe.

It is the mission of the Milwaukee Pravda J-S to destroy Sen. Ron Johnson.  They are using all of their weapons, including "Politifart", to do so for all 200 of their readers.

Does "Politifact" use actual facts?  You be the judge.

RoJo:  "The fact of the matter is this didn’t seem like an armed insurrection to me...."


...Many in the crowd attacking the Capitol have said their intent was to stop the vote confirmation and keep Trump in office despite the election results. That’s an insurrection....

Dictionary.com partially agrees with "insurrection" as far as it goes.  You have to squint really, really, hard to get to Politifart's position:  "An act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government."

"Resistance.......established government"...... The key word is "resistance," which has a VERY elastic meaning.  Shoving a cop is "resistance" as is forming a large crowd with the intent of preventing police action.  The Act 10 State employees/Teachers' riots were far closer to "insurrection" than this bunch were.  Did Politifart call those riots "insurrection"?  Today's tongue-bath calls them 'protests.'  Really?

Now let's get to "Many".  It's well-known that MSM Fake News uses "many" to describe "more than one."  Is it "insurrection" if TEN people have that intent?  How about FIVE people?  TWO?  

They'll push their propaganda no matter, of course.

Now they get to "armed."  They arbitrarily reject RoJo's clear language of 'carrying a gun' because they have an agenda.  

Even there, they .......ahhh.........well--you decide.

...any reports of weapons at the Capitol will greatly understate the quantity that was likely there. Only 75 people were arrested that day, and police weren’t doing any widespread searches that would have identified weapons on others present...

That's an assertion WITHOUT EVIDENCE, as the MSM would say.

...Fourteen people tied to the Jan. 6 attack are facing federal charges related to bringing or using dangerous weapons inside the building and two are facing firearms-related charges...

RoJo's sense of the incident was right. But Politifart:   Two.  OMG, TWO!!!

This one is a real laugher:

...NBC News reported that within a week after the attack a dozen guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition had been found on seven people arrested before and after the Capitol riot....

"Arrested BEFORE"....."Arrested AFTER"......"within a week"........"thousands of rounds"

There's a word salad which is meaningless.  Were the arrests 5 days before the disturbance?  3 days after?  Where were "thousands of rounds" found?  All those DELIBERATELY un-answered questions would make a very big difference in the Tall Tale of Politifart.

(Not likely that any MSM 'fact-checker' knows how much "thousands of rounds" weigh, is it?)

  And--by the way--is "NBC News" more reliable than the New York Times, which retracted its fable about a fire extinguisher 12 days after it was debunked?


Politifart stretches language to suit its purposes, fashions tall tales from deliberately-vague "reports" and expects all 200 of its readers to believe "national news sources."

Politifart fails.  We rate this MOSTLY PROPAGANDA.

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