Sunday, February 21, 2021

Walker Was Wrong, Admits It--Sorta

Scott Walker figured out that absentee voting can be a very dangerous thing when (D) slugs abuse the system to produce fraudulent results--like in 2020.

..."Less talk, more action," Walker tweeted Saturday. He called for a series of election measures, including photo identification to vote, signature verification and paper ballots.

"Absentee ballots narrowed to people in nursing home or deployed in military," Walker wrote. "Same day voting for the rest ... Now is the time for election integrity measures."...

Walker is a frequent flyer on the absentee-vote airline and he did NOT admit that Republican-passed legislation was seriously flawed.

That's OK.  He shouldn't apologize.

Maybe Cock Robin will get busy on the matter, eh?


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Anonymous said...

There are no issues with absentee voting. It does not produce fraudulent results. You can lie all you want, but God is watching you.