Wednesday, February 17, 2021

TX Utilities Forgot Job One

Texas found out and the rest of us found out thanks to Texas.  You want electric power?  Then make power.   You bend over to green weenie utility regulators?  Die in the cold.  You go after the 'tax savings'?  Freeze.

Job One is MAKE RELIABLE POWER.  Texas utilities ignored it when they should have ignored the weenies and tax chumps.

Tax/Green-Gimmick windmills and sun-catchers cannot do the job.  

If you don't have nukes, coal, and some nat-gas making 90++% ofyour 120v, you are at serious risk.

(Let's make the Fake-News people live without electricity for a month or so and see how they do.  Then we'll see what pure crap they dream up for their Fake News stories.... )

As to "why did the utilities go there," was their damn-fool TAX accountants and utility-regulator weenies. 

Maybe the folks should spend a little time "disturbing" utility-regulator meetings, eh?

Once you forget Job One......

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Anonymous said...

You tossers! You had one job to do!