Friday, February 26, 2021

Being Brainwashed? Yes. You Are.

Good old-fashioned brainwashing is what's happening to you and anyone else who watches, hears, or reads the FakeNews media.

The first known instances of brainwashing occurred during the Korean War.  It was done to captured American pilots and soldiers.

...the soldiers were fed and treated well, at least by POW standards, and there were seldom any armed guards deployed to prevent their escape.

But what they were subjected to was repeated indoctrination, lie after lie about America, its foreign policy, history and motives on the world stage.

After a while, many of the soldiers started to believe what they were being told about their own country. This indoctrination took its toll on the cohesion of the prison population and those who believed the false narrative began to turn on those who didn’t, reporting them to the prison authorities for any violations of prison rules....

Sorta like the Karens, ain'a?

...The same techniques are being used today by propaganda artists in the establishment media outlets. They isolate the target [Christian conservatives and constitutionalists] they all run with the same narrative, the same spin on a story, and then they repeat it over and over again. Any media outlet that breaks from the pack and questions the narrative gets branded as providing “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories.”  [We would add "Trump voters" to the target list.]
Examples?  Oh, yeah, we have examples!

  • We’ve seen that with the COVID crisis, where certain doctors and scientists are presented as all-knowing while others with competing narratives are denigrated and mocked.
  • We’ve seen it with the global warming narrative, which then morphed into the “climate-change” narrative. The scientific community is split on the validity of man-made climate change but you wouldn’t know it by watching the mainstream media.
  • We’ve seen it with the issue of election integrity as it relates to the Nov. 3, 2020 presidential election. Every single establishment media outlet has used opinionated, loaded words like “baseless” to describe allegations of election fraud, without ever delving into an honest vetting of the merits of the allegations.
  • We’ve seen it with the coverage of the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol, which certainly did include rioting, but was it really an “armed insurrection” as almost every establishment media company has branded it?...\

 There are 12 mind-control tactics outlined in the linked essay.  You won't be surprised to learn that 'moral relativism', 'group consensus,' and 'feelings over facts' are components.

And if you're a committed believer, you will not be surprised to learn that YOU are a target.

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