Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Was Thinking the Same Thing....

Zman wrote it before I did, so here's what we both think:

...If by some miracle Biden does them a favor and drops dead before they have to remove him, they are still not out of the woods as Harris has zero support. Most of her own party thinks she is an obnoxious dimwit. The public would rally initially, but after a few speeches she would remind everyone why they would rather have cancer than have her on their televisions. She would quickly become a highly unpleasant version of Gerald Ford, a place holder until things could be sorted.

The point is the managerial class got their wish. The bad orange man is gone, but it is going to come with a hefty price tag. It will not be long before many behind the rigging of the election will have buyer’s remorse. That will only add more fuel to the fire. Given that the geniuses behind this caper could not see just a few months down the road, it is unlikely they will navigate this minefield they created for themselves. That’s why they want those troops in the city. They know they will need them.

That moment is coming a lot sooner than they expected. Initially, I had thought they'd try to "Weekend at Bernie's" Biden*-trick until 2 years in to maximize the damage Harris could do.

That's no longer my theory.  Because Harris is really, really, bad in every way imaginable except for Willie Brown-ing, I think they've accepted losing in '24.  That's why the rush-rush-rush on the EO's and the legislation; they want to take the country down before the '24 election.

Or they may face the gallows in addition to losing every damn seat they have that year.


Anonymous said...

They will totally transform the demographics of the US in one yr with their open borders, illegals voting, and white genocide agenda. I expect the soldiers are their because they are really twisting the screws now with power shut offs and the Frankenvax genetic engineering, which should start producing their evil fruit in 3 or 4 months.

Anonymous said...

The reason the National Guard are in Washington is two-fold.

First it is to attempt to paint the political right as radical, violent and revolutionary. This is a game of optics coupled to a corrupt media.

Second it is to actually guard against the BLM and antifas types who have paraded in DC with loud slogans about the government -- "burn it down." This is a game of guarding against the radical, violent and revolutionary Left which was courted by national Democrats only to be discarded.

Jeremiah Alphonsus on Youtube said...

They pulled off the greatest election fraud of all time. This fraud was enabled by a degenerate populace. Thus they’ll continue to pull off more fraud as needed. Our leaders are degenerates, and they’re our leaders because our populace is overwhelmingly degenerate. And this will become more so as more and more third worlders continue to invade (both illegally AND legally; it’s all part of an invasion). White ethnomasochists will ontinue to assist in their own destruction as the ultimate form of virtue signaling.