Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Bill Gates Has Ideas For YOU!!

Never realized what a genius this Bill Gates guy really is until he began telling us how to live correctly.

This all has to do with "going to zero" carbon emissions.  He'll get around to resolving the BSOD later.

  • Electric everything.
  • Widespread consumption of fake meat, since cows account for '4% of all greenhouse gases.'
  • Retooling the steel and cement industries, which Gates says account for 16% of all carbon dioxide emissions, to inject up to 30% of captured C02 into concrete, and create a different type of steel.
  • Widespread adoption of next generation nuclear energy to supplement wind and solar.

And since producing plants to make fake meat emits gases as well, Gates has backed a company which uses fungus to make sausage and yogurt, which the billionaire calls "pretty amazing."

I'm sure that Gates and all his family are using each of these ideas to the fullest, except the 'steel and cement' stuff and the 'nuclear energy' stuff.  That takes more than college-dorm bullshitting to actually make it happen.

Maybe he'll video himself eating fungus-made bratwurst?

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