Wednesday, February 24, 2021

"More Voters" Is NOT the Holy Grail

Ninnies and Nags continue to bleat the mantra that 'more voters is GOOD.'


There is no scienzzzzzzzz behind that declaration at all.  On the other hand, it is well-known that there's a great deal of ignorance out there about gummint, and that ignorance has consequences.

...But one good example of the extent of public ignorance is that only about 34% of Americans can even name the three branches of the federal government: executive, legislative, and judicial.  ...

...while political ignorance is often rational behavior for individuals, it can lead to terrible collective outcomes. It does not matter much if any one voter is ignorant, but it does matter if we have an entire electorate that is that way. The situation is comparable to air pollution: one gas-guzzling car makes little difference, but thousands or millions of them could potentially cause great harm to the environment. Similarly, widespread voter ignorance is a kind of pollution of the political process....

 ...If voters are poorly informed about government policy, they will often make poor decisions. They often support counterproductive or contradictory policies. For example, as you note, most voters greatly overestimate the percentage of the federal budget spent on foreign aid (actually, about 1%), while massively underestimating the amount devoted to big entitlement programs, such as Medicare and Social Security. As a result, they believe we can solve our fiscal problems without either cutting entitlements or raising taxes on the vast majority of Americans. That delusion makes it very hard to do budget policy in a rational way....

(We recognize that "ignorant" is NOT the same as "stupid.")

Here's the typical silliness of the (D)/League of Women Voters:

 ...“The package of bills circulating today will collectively make registering to vote & voting more difficult, expensive, inconvenient, & time-consuming for every Wisconsinite,” state Sen. Kelda Roys, D-Madison, tweeted today....

The correct response is "SO WHAT, Kelda?  If someone really, really, really want to vote for you, they'll find a way, Kelda."

“They’re admitting that they don’t believe in democracy, just further rigging the game for themselves.”

The correct response is "You're LYING, KeldaAnyone who wants to vote can do so, Kelda--and the 2020 election proves that, with a little fraud here and there, Democrats CAN win.  We're just cutting back a little bit on the fraud, Kelda, so you'll have to come up with more ways to cheat, Kelda." 

The Pubbies STILL don't know that they are in a war.  Until they figure that out, they will continue to lose.

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