Friday, October 27, 2017

A Different Look at Catalonia's "Independence"

Some pundits--largely of the rightist/nationalist persuasion--are hailing Catalonia's declaration of independence as a Great Thing, even Trumpian!!!

Ehhhhh....not so much.  History is important, friends. we commemorated the grievous massacres of Catholics in 1936-1939 in our first special series, "The Passion of Spain", the then-Socialist central Spanish government negotiated with the Catalan regional government a new Charter of Autonomy, the "Statut".

The seeds of the problem that exploded this Friday, the pseudo-independence of the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia, were all present in that Statut, whose most radical ideas would end up being declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court. What is interesting to recall is that the Leftism already present in that text is the central axis of the Catalonian secessionist movement today, whose backbone is formed by the extreme-left ERC (that martyred thousands of Catholics in 1936-38) and the ever more extreme and Anarchist CUP....
So it's the Commies.  Same people who fought against Franco.

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