Thursday, October 19, 2017

Big Pharma's Scare-Stories!!

Well, it's near Hallowe'en, so Scary Stories are in order.

Here's the Big Pharma Scary Story for this year.  Note the cynical twist at the end of this post.

Multiple bills circulating through Congress indicate lawmakers are interested in allowing Americans to import prescription drugs from Canada and other nations, even though that proposal has been strongly criticized by leading members of the law enforcement community....

The bills in question will reduce the price of scrip-drugs, which is something that Big Pharma does not want.  So how to counter this?  Easy!!  Get someone else to carry your water.  Someone just a little dense--like the Sheriff's Association (whoever they are.)

...Law enforcement leaders have expressed concerns about opening importation of prescription drugs from other countries, arguing it would become easier for drug traffickers, freed from the stringent oversight of the DEA and FDA, to move drugs across the border and directly into the hands of Americans.

The National Sheriff's Association issued a resolution formally opposing such bills in July. They noted a 2016 DEA report that warned of the possibility of counterfeit prescription drugs, containing the deadly opioid fentanyl, leading to a spike in opioid-related deaths.

"Drug importation would…worsen the opioid crisis, open up the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain to adulterated and counterfeit drugs, further burden law enforcement, and endanger the safety of officers and other first responders," the resolution read....

Opioids......yah.......those would be the drugs that BIG PHARMA HAS BEEN PUSHING FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS, RIGHT??

So.  We begin by pushing addictive drugs.  When the gangs take over, we pretend we had nothing to do with it--and when our profits are threatened, we make up Scary Stories about the very same drugs that we pushed.  Stories like "...they will get into the hands of the Wrong People...." and "....people will DIE!!!!"

Stick it where the sun never shines, jackwads.

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