Sunday, October 22, 2017

When Will the "Military" Card Wear Out Its Welcome??

It's always good to see competition for political offices, of course.  This country (and this State) has had a political-inbreeding problem for decades and watching the upstarts knock off a few of the smug pension-grabbers has been gratifying.

But we've noticed a trend that is becoming annoying, and that is the "I'm a military vet, so I should get your vote" stuff.  This all began with the Hoopla-Gang at Fox News (I'm looking at you, Hannity, and you're getting overweight) but has spread to others who refer to ANYONE who ever wore an Armed Forces uniform as "HERO!!!" (You know who you are, Kevin.)

I probably know 200 men who are veterans of Korea and VietNam.  They don't wear that on their sleeves; they don't advertise it in neon lights on their foreheads, and they know damn well that military service is no more a qualification for the Senate than is being a successful carpenter or dental assistant.  They did what they had to do, they survived, they came back here and went to work, raised kids, all that stuff. 

Anyhow, this nice young fellow with wife, chilluns, and military service is now running for Senate here.  He's backed by the "anti-Establishment" guy, Bannon, and financed by an Old Money family, Uihlein (which, by the way, is Illinois money, which we Wisconsinites just love.....not.)

And he's wearing a helluvalot of Establishment Credentials:  McKinsey & Co., Harvard School of Gummint, Dartmouth/Tuck School MBA.....

Really?  So he's a Minnesota-educated Lefty who served the country, got Leftoid-Edumacated, became a consultant, and now he's an anti-Establishment Senatorial-timber guy, eh?

Stop beating the "military" drum.  It's becoming annoying and frankly, with John Kerry and John McCain pounding the same drum, it can flip to being terrible for someone.

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