Sunday, October 29, 2017

LBGTZRXQYZ's Go Nuts in Madison

Not really a surprise at all.

There's an online petition being circulated to remove the Bishop of the Diocese of Madison.  Bishop Robert Morlino is being criticized for his attitude about the LGTBQ community.  Earlier this week, an email was sent to priests in the diocese saying that they could deny funeral rights for those in same-sex partnerships...

Yes, Catholic funerals can (and should) be denied. 

There is no "right" to a Catholic funeral for a public, non-repentant, grave, sinner--such as a homosexual living with a 'partner' and making it known.  That behavior is the reason that at least one Madistan church musician was banished from the Diocese (he was, at last report, working in Oconomowoc.)  Flaunt it?  Lose.  Period.

The Church wants to save the souls of sinners.  Homosexuals who have "partners" are living in grave sin--and the Diocese of Madison sent a warning shot.  That is the first task of a Bishop or priest, and by far the most important.

Take the hint.

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