Monday, October 23, 2017

What Happened??

With a few reservations, I find Z-blog to be a worthwhile read.  Today he blows up the idea that the "civic religion" of the US is encapsulated in Lincoln's "Four score....dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Not really, according to Z-man.  Yes, there is a "civic religion."  But it was not what Lincoln said it was, and the one we do have has metastasized into a nightmare.

...A century ago, Progressives were Christians, who were Progressive reformers. Then they were Progressives, who could also be Christians. Then they were just Progressives. There was a time when “liberal Catholic” was a real thing, but no one can chase two rabbits at once. Eventually, the American civic religion won out and is now being imposed on all of us, by force....

There's little question that Christianity is no longer an influence on public policy.  One could use the date of Roe v Wade as a point of demarcation, but who cares about the date??  In fact, the current Civic Religion is agnostic at best, and probably atheist.  This is the illness--the disorder--which makes "licit" such perversions as gay marriage, abortion on demand, and trannies (of any persuasion.)

By the way, it doesn't take much reading to understand that Catholicism in the USA has undergone a similar, and deadly, transmogrification.

Not all of us are Progressives; not all of us are "liberal" Catholics.  But it seems that the resistance to the current Civic Religion is not exactly overwhelming.  It did produce Trump, more or less. 

What next??

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