Monday, October 02, 2017

About That FBI....

A couple of posts below, I mention that the FBI seems to think that it is an Independent Authority All Its Own.  You suckers may well pay for it, but the FBI does whatever-the-f*&^ it wants to do and you just shut up.  Or they will find a way to SHUT you up.  Get it?

Anyhow, good ol' Z-man has another theory on the Mueller thing:

....The most likely answer for why a special prosecutor was appointed is that it was an easy way to get the whole thing out of the White House. Since the story is bogus and Mueller surely knows it is bogus, it will be a nice patronage program for a year or two and then the whole thing goes away. The second most likely answer is that Mueller’s job is to clean up the mess left by Comey and protect the reputation of the FBI, maybe even some other intelligence agencies. That way, no one gets hurt the problems are quietly fixed....

IOW, it's the "Look!!!  A squirrel!!!" thing writ about as large as possible.

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