Sunday, October 15, 2017

Problematic Bishops

Earlier today we mentioned a problematic Pope (the current one.)  We haven't published much about problematic Bishops here, but it's not hard to find news items about them.  There are plenty here in the USA, and undoubtedly more in other parts of the Catholic world.

But it's not quite as bad as in the 'good old days' of the Diocletian persecution.

"When the African Council of Cirta met in 305, after the persecution had spent its first violence in these parts, it revealed a pitiful state of affairs. All the bishops present but two seem to have been traditores in some sense. The president himself was compromised, and agreed to suspend all enquiries to avoid unpleasantness. Nor were the only faults those of lack of courage. More than one of these men was afterwards found guilty of direct theft; others of simony and adultery, and of peculating Church funds. One bishop, who admitted to two murders, retained his seat in this assembly by a timely display of diabolically bad temper.

"We may hope that this sort of thing was exceptional, but the evidence is not reassuring. We hear, e.g., of bishops in Palestine who after the persecution, "because they had not rightly shepherded the rational flock of Christ, were by divine justice turned into camel-drivers, an animal of a natural perversity to which they were suited". It is a fact that though there were a score of sees in Palestine, no bishop was martyred there in ten years of persecution
... "

Comforting words.  Or maybe not.

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GOR said...

The Arian heresy era also comes to mind vis-a-vis the current situation.

However, I think we would need to import more camels here in the US to accommodate all the potential drivers...