Wednesday, October 04, 2017

The Perils of Cheap Labor: Tata

We're not particularly sympathetic with Epic Systems of Madistan; on the other hand, theft is theft, and the bad guys got caught.

And--wonder of wonders--the bad guys are a slave-labor IT house!!

...In its initial complaint filed in October of 2014, Epic accused Tata of waging an “elaborate campaign of deception to steal documents, confidential information, trade secrets, and other information and data from Epic.”...

Bad, bad, bad boys.  Tata was creating its own med-system and just needed a little information, you see?  Well, it cost them:

... Judge William Conley handed down an order on Friday to reduce the damages that Tata Consultancy Services, a massive technology firm headquartered in India, would have to pay Epic from $940 million to $420 million. He also dismissed a motion by Tata to reconsider the jury’s verdict, along with counter-allegations that Tata had filed....

It's not just importing deflation, folks.  It's also importing theft.

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