Wednesday, October 04, 2017

The Ignorance. It Hurts.

It is really painful to read ignorance like this:

...Lee said high-caliber bullets do the most damage.

"They have great penetrating power and capacity, and it's a real hazard and it's a real danger for the community," Lee said....

Lee is a BATF/E agent and really, really, really ought to know better than to use completely meaningless flapdoodle such as "high-caliber."

The story is about .........doh.........."assault weapons," of course.  They're the ones that kill everything in sight, sorta like nuclear bombs and pesticides and diesel exhaust. 

So is "high caliber" the .223 of your AR?  Or is it the .308 of your AK?  There IS a difference.   Or is it the .45 of your handgun?  How about the .50 of other handguns?  Or the .540 of an elephant-gun?


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