Monday, October 23, 2017

The Feds Are Buying MORE Guns & Ammo

Nah, not the armed forces.  The Department of Education!  HHS!  Small Business Administration (????)

And they are buying a LOT of ammo.

...The government spent $114 million on ammunition, including bulk purchases by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ($66,927); the Smithsonian ($42,687); and the Railroad Retirement Board ($6,941). The Social Security Administration spent $61,129 on bullets including 50,000 rounds of ammunition plus 12-gauge buckshot and slug ammo.  The EPA special agents purchased ammunition for their .357 and 9mm revolvers and buckshot for their shotguns. ...

Fish and Wildlife purchased suppressors, too.  I suppose they don't want to disturb the fish, or the Bambis, when they're shooting citizens.

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