Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Crime Family: Obozo, Clinton, Holder, Putin, and Bit-Players

We mentioned yesterday that Clinton took cash from Putin before giving her assent to a Russian takeover of US uranium assets.

Holder, Clinton, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe, and Comey were all involved, with Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, and McCabe "investigating" the facts for FOUR YEARS.  We invented and perfected atomic bomb in far less time than that.

Now it turns out that Obama/Holder/Clinton had even more in common with The Mob than just simple graft and corruption.

...Sara Carter of Circa News interviewed Victoria Toensing, a lawyer for the FBI informant who said her client “is not only afraid of the Russian people, but he is afraid of the US government because of the threats the Obama administration made against him.”...

Fits very well.  When do the executions begin?  Will Grassley's investigation last ANOTHER FOUR years??

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