Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dostoevski On Tyrants

We all understand--more or less--"tyranny" in Gummint.  But read this passage from Dostoevsky in the context of "business," not "gummint." 

....any man who has tasted this power, this boundless opportunity to humiliate most bitterly another being made in the image of God — becomes the servant instead of the master of his own emotions. Tyranny is a habit. It can and does eventually develop into a disease. I believe that the best of men may grow coarse, degrade to the level of a beast by sheer force of habit. Blood and power intoxicate one, they develop callousness and lust. The greatest perversions grow finally acceptable and even delicious to mind and heart. The man and the citizen perish in the tyrant forever and the return to human dignity, remorse and spiritual rebirth becomes scarcely possible to him. Besides, the example and mere possibility of arbitrary power are contagious; they are indeed a great temptation. A society which regards such things calmly is already corrupt at the roots.....quoted at AOSHQ

Ever work for a business run by a "tyrant"?

And yes, that passage applies to Harvey-Wood, too.

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