Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Civil War in the Catholic Church, Part XXIV

"New Ways Ministry" is an enemy of the Church and her Founder, but they transmit interesting information in their zeal to overturn right order.

In April 2017, Bishop John Stowe of Diocese of Lexington offered the most comprehensive positive statement against the firing of church workers in LGBT-related disputes. He told attendees at New Ways Ministry’s 8th National Symposium  “We must preserve our tradition and our integrity as a church. . .We risk contradicting ourselves if we want our employees to live by the church’s teaching and if we ourselves as an institution don’t live by our teaching, which has always opposed discrimination of any sort.

Which proves that Bp. Stowe does not understand English, and/or skipped all the Seminary coursework for Moral Theology and Natural Law.   (Or maybe he took the courses, failed, and was ordained anyway?)  The Church has always justifiably discriminated against individuals who openly flout Church teachings.  Note, please, that I use the word "openly."

Bishop Stowe is not alone.

...Cardinal Sean O’Malley of the Archdiocese of Boston, has spoken out against firing of legally married gay or lesbian people who work for Catholic institutions. O’Malley said that this trend is a situation that “needs to be rectified.”...

Maybe Cardinal O'Malley "needs to be rectified" instead.

And of course, there are the Jesuits, who have had homosexual problems since at least the early 1960's, and which Order has become gay-er and gay-er over the last 30 years.

...In October 2016, the Jesuit weekly America Magazine published an editorial titled “Unjust Discrimination” that challenged the firing of LGBT church workers....

...In April 2016, officials at the University of San Francisco including President Fr. Paul Fitzgerald, SJ, welcomed the marriage of head women’s basketball coach Jennifer Azzi to assistant coach Blair Hardiek...

....In July 2015, Fordham University responded to conservative criticisms by congratulating theology department chair J. Patrick Hornbeck on his same-gender marriage in the Episcopal Church....

WWVLD???  (Where "VL" stands for Vince Lombardi)

And of course, the love of all the late-shows, James Martin, SJ--whose increasingly bizarre and vicious attacks on good-hearted Catholics such as Robby George and Austin Ruse tell us all we need to know about his disordered personality.

One more thing:  the current Pope, Francis, happens to be a Jesuit.

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