Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Feminization of Everything

This will be anecdotal, but feel free to add on.

Due to the nature of AM radio in this area on Sunday mornings, I tune to NPR station(s) when traveling to and from my parish.  I give myself brownie points for listening to the opposition--and I don't have to listen to more variations of rock, country, or other FM generics.  Further, I don't have to listen to 4-hour panegyrics on the World's Most Perfect Vitamin/Fat-Reduction/Food/Get-Rich-Quick/Vacuum Cleaner crapola that is on the AM stations.

Anyhow, as I was on the return drive, it finally hit me:  all that I had heard on NPR was female hosts interviewing female guests (with one 2-minute exception.)  And, predictably, the interviews were all on "human interest" stories, all with melancholy, depressed, suppressed, repressed, victims of some damn thing, mostly capitalist pigs, the weather, or Trump.  You'd be surprised how easy it is to work Trump = Horrible into damn near any news event.

In one of today's victimology lessons, Trump managed to take away even MORE precious dollars from the sick, lame, and halt, by taking money away from insurance companies.  Not ONE WORD was said about that "Constitution" or "illegal" stuff--which was carefully avoided in order to indict Trump as the second coming of Hitler.  Or someone like that.

But it's not just today.  Thinking back, I've heard NPR females interviewing other females, foreign and domestic, about grubbing for not-enough-food in countries I've never heard of, about sewing sweatshops in all those same places, about oppressionisms in India, Pakistan, Vietnam, and places in Africa, and--of course--victims of the (US) wars in the Middle East, too.

All babes, all the time, and all fully clothed, dammit.

Then we have the feminization of the NFL.  No, not the rules changes.  Nope.  The feminization has to do with the utter and complete lack of manhood in the ownership vis-a-vis this blatant disrespect for the flag and what it stands for.  The owners are girly-girls, and that includes the Presi-twink of the Packers.  But that's not all:  the NFL has tongue-bathed the LBGQTXRLFFIP bunch with its threats to Texas over boys/girls room legislation and its abject self-humiliation over that queer college kid who couldn't make  ANY team that was forced to hire him as a prospect.

Then there's the Catholic Church.  See today's entry on that topic.  Girl-i-fi-ca-tion

And on a more parochial level, I've noticed that men are no longer in the church choirs in the Ordinary Form parishes I frequent.  Oh, yah, there's always a couple of them--but not that long ago, a suburban parish choir would have 3 men for every 6-7 women.  Now it's 3 or 4 men, period.

Men are disappearing from colleges, too; women are the majority of college grads and that's not going to change for a long, long, time--with the exception of this:  men are the clear majority in Engineering, Dental, and Med schools.  That's where facts, logic, and thinking are required.  Just co-incidence, I'm sure.

It's entirely possible that the United States will pre-emptively surrender after a threat from a determined, vicious, enemy even if the numbers are against that enemy, and even if the enemy is poorly armed, maybe with only makeshift weapons.

Oh, wait!  The Muslims are ........ahhhh..........well, then.  It's over.

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