Saturday, October 28, 2017

Cross' UW Plans: All Features, No Bugs

There's a good deal of fog surrounding UW President Roy Cross' merger plans for the UW System.  Fortunately the (D) Party is on the case, and presents us with clarity!!

...“We are concerned that this merger will not maintain adequate access to higher education and that it could open the door to campus closures in the future,” they wrote....

That nugget is surrounded with all the usual BS about 'collegiality.'  May as well stick a knife into Cross and call him "divissssssssssssssssssssssive", too.


"Adequate access" means "anybody can get into college and pay enormous sums of money to fat-cat campus administrations and largely under-worked professors."  And "....we want the Leftist indoctrination to be administered to everyone under the age of 25 and the more skulls full of mush are there, the more our Lefty U-Pals get paid."

Whether these kids have an IQ exceeding room temperature is irrelevant.  Whether they ever graduate is irrelevant.  Whether they will get a job that justifies the expense (and pays the debt) is irrelevant.  It's GIVE US THE MONEY!!! that is relevant.

As to "Campus Closures":  see above, remembering that Tommy Thompson built UW campi like a madman to buy off the Educators (CPUSA subsidiary).  It was a sweet deal:  Educators would get lotsa jobs, pensions, health bennies, fat salaries, and Thompson would be able to build roads anyplace the Highway Lobby wanted them.  Oh--yes--let's not forget Bud Selig's Stadium-and-Net-Worth-Enhancement-Project.

So.  Cross' plan--so far--is all features, no bugs.  Carry on!!

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