Monday, October 02, 2017

Talk About Oppressing the Poor!! How About EPA??

It's true, but that doesn't matter to the Cloud People inhabiting the press (or D.C.):  Many Gummint regulations cost the poor a lot--which they often don't have.

Cigarette taxes are one example;  while do-gooders insist that high commodity-taxes discourage smoking (which is true to an extent) reality-based people know that high commodity-taxes also slam the poor harder than the affluent.

Same with EPA's ridiculous emission testing.  Poor people don't buy new cars--and often, they don't even purchase slightly-used cars.  They have old beaters instead.  So emissions testing is a severe burden, especially when failing the test requires $400.00++ in spending before you're off the hook.

FORTUNATELY, we have State leggies who get it!!

...With respect to vehicle emission limitations which are required by the federal government for specified Wisconsin counties, one bill would provide for an exemption for any motor vehicle “not less than 10 years old.”  This represents a broadening from the current exemption which is tied to the year 1995....

It would be nice if EPA were called out on its anti-poor policies by the MSM.  But that will never happen.

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