Thursday, October 05, 2017

The Family: Sine Qua Non of Real "Social Justice"

Neumayr, as usual, produces a barbed and insightful essay on the Modern Administrative Totalitarians, which only co-incidentally touches on The Evil Of The Day, guns.

But in passing he makes this observation:

...[A]n elite that prides itself on destroying the traditional family is aghast at the rise of so many mass-shooting misfits who come from “broken families.”...

You can find statistics on the enormous increase in fatherless children on your own, and note the co-incidence of such children with certain racial groups.  You will also note that that particular disparity is disappearing, so don't get all snarky about it.  Look hard at the backgrounds of our recent "mass murderers"--and at the cohort which is killing off Chicago's youth.  What do you see?  More pointed:  who is missing??  Hmmmmm???

"Social Justice" in the teaching of Leo XIII begins with the FAMILY.  The Modern Administrative State has attacked the family with subtle (e.g., baby-welfare) and not-so-subtle (e.g. "no-fault" divorce), and now it appears that the Church's leadership is dancing with that Devil in recent ambiguous flapjawing over re-married Catholics.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls.  It tolls for thee.....

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