Thursday, October 26, 2017

Watch the E-Verify War

Most people don't know the whole story on E-Verify.  It is common knowledge that E-Verify "checks" the social security number being given by workers.

What is NOT so well-known:  The E-Verify bill requires federal officials to tell people when their Social Security Number is being used by job applicants, and it allows each person to lock the use of their own number. 

Paul Ryan and the Cloud-People Pubbies are not fans of E-Verify, no matter what they SAY on the topic.  E-Verify has the potential to shut off the Cheap Labor Choo-Choo for restaurants and construction contractors who happen to be large-dollar donors. 

Early this week, the Pubbies were prepared to dump E-Verify into the sewer.  That has--temporarily--changed, because the restaurant, contractor, and Big Ag donors got 2 million slave labor cheap-labor permits. 

But don't assume that it's all good now and that E-Verify will be the law of the land.  There's plenty of money out there that prefers the Cheap Labor Choo-Choo AND lawless hiring.

Keep your eyes open.

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