Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sign of the Times: Lefty Catholics Are Old

One of the darlings reports back from her College Town.

The local Catholic church has the usual lineup of silly instruments--tambourines, drums, yadayada--in the sanctuary (a contradiction in terms, I know) and our offspring expected the worst.

It wasn't "worst".  It was in the upper 30% of bad, but not "worst."

Here's the interesting thing, though:  following the sweaty-palm-holding exercise at the Our Father, the assembled crooned their 'Lamb of God'. 

Then, mirabile dictu, the college kids all knelt down, as they should

Only the Old Farts--the boomers and the boomers++--remained defiantly standing.

This is not unusual, by the way.  At a parish not far from home, there's a 60++++ woman who will do anything in her power to chase off people (priests and laity) who demonstrate a little too much respect for liturgical propriety.  And since she has "a position" in the parish, she's been effective.

The Biological Solution is imminent for her, as for the others.  God is good.

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