Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Memo to Belling: College Admissions Are A "Measure"

Yesterday the usually correct Belling semi-endorsed "Common Core".  He had reservations--mostly that the program was designed and enforced by Lefties.

His endorsement rested on "measurable" criteria--that is, that without "Common Core" there is no "national" basis for evaluating students and school systems.

Belling is wrong on two counts.

1)  The Constitution does not award K-12 education responsibility to the Federal Gummint.  That is reserved to the States.  And there is no "national emergency" which allows for an over-ride of the Constitution.

2)  College admissions are the best measure of K-12 achievement and accountability.  Students from piss-poor districts will not be admitted to good schools (think Purdue, UW-Madistan, Yale, G'town, Marquette, etc.)

3)  Both ACT and SAT are "measures" and are operative--but not "Federal".  Surprise!!  The private sector works.

'S OK, Mark.  Eventually you'll learn that Statism under any guise is still Statism.


Anonymous said...

Except, not everyone goes to college and takes the ACT/SAT, nor needs to attend university to be a well-educated, contributing member of society.

Dad29 said...

True. And they don't have to graduate from high school to be a contributing and (eventually) well-educated person, either.

What we do NOT need is another Bush-boggle, this time in education.