Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Mukhabarat Amriki?

That's translated "CIA".

Various sources (recently this one) have indicated that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the USA have been supporting the Syrian rebels since the beginning of the action. 

This happens to be the second report I've read which posits that the gas attack was a false-flag op about which the Mukhabarat Amriki had foreknowledge (at the very least.)

"War", of course, "is the health of the State".  So said Mr. Bourne in opposing Dewey of Columbia University, who had argued for US participation in WWI on the theory that war would advance democracy.  (Sounds vaguely familiar, no?) 

Dewey was wrong, as most Progressives are.  Twenty-one years after the war-to-end-all-wars ended, it started all over again.

As always, the question is cui bono?  Who benefits?

Maybe Obozo's thinking about FDR.  Fundamental transformation will take more than 8 years, ya'know.

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