Thursday, September 19, 2013

Levin Knocks It Out of the Park

Just go here for the best 7:50 on the French Republicans you'll ever hear.

It will be interesting to see if little Social Climber Duffy will vigorously support this action with speeches, appearances, and actions--or if he'll sit in his corner, sucking his thumb, and pouting some more.

Will Ribble?  Or the Quiet One, Sensenbrenner?  Ryan, the Compromiser-in-Waiting?

What of RoJo, who PROMISED to rid this land of Obozo's tyrannical "healthcare", and then resigned his promise because, ah, expediency?

Look, boys (and you can take that whatever way you want), Ted Cruz and Mike Lee shamed you.  You were useless little bumps on a log, whimpering and whining "poor us.  we can't win."

You never even began to fight, boys.

Can you become men in the next 10 days?  Can you?

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